Become an Escort Model

Throughout the ages and throughout different cultures and societies, muses have played an integral part in educated and cultivated high society. Statesmen, artists, philosophers and businessmen have always been seeking inspiration and relaxation with exclusive muses of their times. Sophisticated and well educated, skilled in cultivated conversation and equipped wth polished manners as well as elegance and grace, muses have always been a source of inspiration for their patrons.With ESCORT FOR PLEASURE, we are bringing to life the venerable tradition of a muse. 

We operate high-end escort high class and style - with the best reputation.Therefor we place particular value on the following qualities in our muses:

  • Your appearance is attractive and youthful
  • Your health fitness is reflected in your appearance.
  • Your age is between 20 and 35.
  • You are figure-conscious lady and possess esprit and charm as well as activity.
  • You care of your spirit and want to explore your feminine power.
  • You are primarily a professional business woman working or still studying.
  • You are self-assured and confident.
  • You are motivated to experience something different and exciting.
  • You are still modest, polite and considerate towards others (an interesting woman is defined by more then just her beautiful exterior).
  • Experience in the escort field is not necessary (the contrary!)
  • You have already thought about it more frequently, as the team of a high-class escort- could be.

Interested? We gladly invite you for an initial interview.  If you think that you match our expectations, please send us your complete application (including two full-length portraits as well as at l east one close-up portrait of your face) to We are looking forward to meeting you!